Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Misery Loves Company, when you can find it.

Yesterday I arrived home from work around 4:15pm and after much debating I convinced myself to go for my training run.  The run itself is a 7 mile loop through my extremely hilly neighborhood.  Normally I wouldn't debate with myself so much about going out for a run but at the start there was a light drizzle of rain and it was 30 degrees out. As I got started, it felt colder than 30 degrees.  I'm sure it was due to the light rain.  I dressed warm but there was still a chill that took me about 3 miles to get rid of.

With about 1.5 miles left I started noticing that my feet were slipping a bit.  I thought maybe I stepped in something and lost some traction on my shoes. At the same time I lowered the volume on my mp3 player and heard the very familiar sound that ice rain makes when it hits the pavement.  I knew they were calling for snow, but I heard nothing of ice rain in the forecast.  I started running on the grass, but I knew well that I shouldn't do that.  Folks in my neighborhood have a problem with picking up after their dogs. So I really didn't want to deal with picking dog shit off the bottom of my shoe so I took my chances and got back on the pavement.
Bad move, at about half a mile left on a down hill I went from having traction to non at all.  I hit a thin layer of ice that had already formed and went sliding down the hill. The only thing that saved me from landing on my ass was a tree. I hugged that thing as if I was some tree hugging, granola eating hippie.  So with the last few meters on my run I started doing the run shuffle just to stay upright.
Anyhow, this whole debacle reminded me of an article I just read in Runner's World Magazine titled "Foul Weather Friend, Only your best running buddy would shame you into lacing up for an ice storm."
In the article the author writes "Misery may love company, but stupidity loves it even more." Unfortunately I couldn't shame anyone into coming with me.  The only one stupid enough I know that will join me is Roxy our dog.  She's 6 year's old now, so I don't take her on anything longer than 4 mile runs.

Tonight is a nice hour long session on the rollers.  I may video that and slap it on here in a future posting just for no reason really.

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  1. Tony,

    How the hell did you go from 212 to 185? Share your tips, and don't say "ride 5 hours a day".


    Your fat friend in Florida