Thursday, March 10, 2011

Guess who decided to show up yesterday!

After blogging about how crappy my running legs have been feeling, they decided to show up for yesterday's noon run. Yesterday's workout was a double.  In the early morning hours I decided to jump on the rollers and do a 1 hr 20 min cycling workout. With the workout in the bag, I didn't care about how much my run would go as long as I got in a double.

The scheduled run was a 10k tempo run @ moderate tempo which is about 6:11 min/mile pace for me.  I decided to do the workout on the George Washington bike trail and start heading out south towards the 14th street bridge. As anyone who's run or ridden on the GW bike trail knows the wind can be relentless.  The way out was a constant headwind and based on how my running has been feeling I wasn't sure I was going to keep the 6:11 per mile pace. My warm up is usually from my office to the start of the trail which is about half a mile. I felt a sense of good vibrations during the warm up.  My legs felt alive but only time would tell. So here is my workout.

Mile 1 at 6:07 min/mile pace
Mile 2 at 6:08 min/mile pace
Mile 3 at 6:12 min/mile pace
Mile 4 at 5:59 min/mile pace
Mile 5 at 5:52 min/mile pace
Mile 6 at 6:10 min/mile pace

For mile 4 and 5 I got a bit off track and went a bit harder due to the tailwind on the way back. I decided to scale back at mile 6 and keep the tempo I was suppose to keep. I'm very pleased with the workout.

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