Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Changing Lanes

If you recall one of my 2011 goals was to run the Marine Corps Marathon.  I decided against that to once again run the Back Yard Burn 10 mile trail running series in the  fall.  This coming year they have added a 5th race to the series.  The 5th race is at Laurel Hill which is literally right in my back yard.  I can actually walk to the start of the race which is sweet for pre race jitters and prep.  Makes the morning easier. 

I still want to attain the goal of running a marathon in 2011.  I have to do some google searching and see which one fits my schedule the best.  It has to be somewhat local and easy to get to.

As for early season racing, looks like I'm still on track for the Chesapeake Bay Duathlon.  I have finally managed to lose those last 5 lbs.  That said, my running is not going as I would like in terms of feel.  Lately I feel I have cement blocks in my shoes.  I may not be drinking enough water or just not getting enough sleep.  I can fix the hydration issue by getting more H2O but the sleeping, well that's not as easy.

Its not easy to get a full nights rest when you have toddlers tugging at you in the midnight hour asking you for the potty or some water.  I was thinking I might just duct tape them to their beds to solve that issue.  On top of that they both end up in our bed anyways right along with an 80lb pit bull.  I shit you not, I end up going into my little girl's room to sleep in her bed which is accessorized with DORA THE EXPLORER.  Doesn't make for the best rest, but trying to get comfortable in a bed with extra bodies doesn't either. 

Well, I hope you're sleeping better than I am.  Have a great day.

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